Maarsbergen Horse Trials 2021

*Note* Due to the large number of photos on this page, loading of the photos may take some time.

I have made photos during the Maarsbergen Horse Trials, at Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This page shows photos of the dressage (Friday), show jumping (Sunday) and the cross country at Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday I made photos of the CCI2*-S, CCI3*-2 and CCI4*-S. Of the dressage (Friday) I made photos of all the combinations at the CCI4*-S. Of the CCI3*-S I have photos of headnr. 345. Of the CCI2*-S I have photos of the headnr. 122, 149, 104, 110, 140, 163, 188, 178 and 193. At the show jumping arena I made photos between 10.42 and 11.00. On Sunday I made photos of a few combinations at the CCI1*-intro. The last combination was nr. 20.

The photos are displayed in a small format because they are reduced in size. Because of this size reduction the photos can appear blurry on mobile devices.

These photos are available in different resolutions (sizes). For more information about ordering photos, see the menu section Bestellen or ask your question via email, Facebook messenger or Instagram.

I have tried to make a photo of any combination during the cross. But it is possible that I missed a combination because I photograph at multiple locations. If you can’t find a combination you can contact me via email or on Facebook. I’ll see whether I still have a picture of the combination. It is always possible that there has been an error while uploading the photos.

Placing your order

If you are interested in one or more of the photos you can contact me by e-mail, Facebook or Instagram. Include in your message the numbers of the photo(s) (example: Afbeelding 399220). If the numbers aren’t shown you can send me your head or back number or a screenshot. Also include in your message which option you choose in sizes. These options can be found at the menu section Bestellen. Don’t hesitate to ask! The photos can (almost) always be adjusted. For example, closed eyes can be photoshopped briefly so that they are open.

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